Hackers can be broken into two main categories:

white hat Hacker

black hat Hacker

White hat hackers work for companies and organizations in order to protect them from hackers.

Who is a black hat hacker?

Who is black hat hacker

Black hat hackers are the ones who are after personal gain, and use their skills to steal data and money, and cause damage.

what is black hat hacking?

Black hat hackers use a variety of methods to get what they want. These methods can include DDoS attacks, SQL injection, stealing personal information, ransomware, and many more.

They can also steal funds from bank accounts by hacking into ATMs or stealing credit card information. One of the most common methods of black hat hacking is phishing.

This is when a hacker sends an email that appears to be from a trusted source. They will ask for personal information such as passwords or bank account numbers. Once the hacker has the information they need, they will delete the email.

A black hat hacker can also take advantage of weaknesses in software by using vulnerabilities such as zero-day exploits. These are exploits that the software company is not aware of, and can only be used by the hacker.

Black hat hackers can be categorized into a few groups:

black hat hackers,


cyber terrorists,


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